FLOW Waterjet Cutting

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As a full service specialty metals supplier of copper brass and alloy plates, Duenner Supply Company, provides innovative metal processing services using the FLOW waterjet cutting tables.  Additionally, heat treating and metal testing services are available as a full service specialty metals supplier.

  • Able to cut any complex shape
  • High precision including bevel and 3D
  • Thickness up to six inches
  • Computer files cut multiple pieces to precise sizes and configurations from the same plate.
  • Laser Edge Finder precisely positions the waterjet at the exact position on the piece being cut
  • Accuracy (+/-) .005” per 3 ft. Speed: Up to 400 inches per minute
  • Plate sizes up to 12 ft x 20 ft
  • Overhead crane 10 Ton capacity
  • Vacuum lifter 5 Ton capacity