Naval Brass
C46400, C46500
Up to 6 inches thick

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Naval Brass C46400 consists of approximately 61% copper, 38% zinc and 1% tin. Precise amounts may vary.  Strength and rigidity make it ideal for construction of naval vessels. It has a high resistance to seawater corrosion when exposed for long periods, and is ideal for cracking, galling, and wear fatigue.

Naval brass can be formed using an intense heat forming processes in shaping metal to specific design applications. In addition, it remains rigid after the shaping and cooling processes are completed. It has excellent cold working, soldering, brazing, and elongation properties.

Anti-corrosive properties, shaping, and strength make this product attractive to many other industrial applications and home projects.

Typical Uses

  • Fasteners and Hardware: aircraft turnbuckle barrels, balls, bolts, marine, nuts, propeller shafts, rivets, structural, and valve stems
  • Industrial: Baffles, condenser plates bearings, heat exchangers, hub cones, fittings, and pressure vessels.
  • Product Availability

  • Plate
  • Sheet
  • Strips
  • Extruded

  • Bar
  • Rod

  • ASTM B-171-11e1 Standard Specification for Pressure Vessels, Condensers, and Heat Exchangers